Music Radar – 2010
“Dave Belzer and Drew Berlin are celebrities in the world of Vintage Guitar collecting…”  “Although famed for their love of Bursts 1958-1960 Sunburst Gibson Les Pauls…”

Premier Guitar - 2009
“Two of the sharpest minds in the Vintage Guitar world…”

Modern Guitar Magazine - 2007
“Quite possibly the most famous pair of dealers in the vintage guitar world.”

Musician’s Hot Line - 2004
“The Legendary Burst Brothers. A couple of the industry’s most knowledgeable guitar gurus.  The Burst Brothers are a world wide phenomenon in the Vintage Guitar circle.”

Peter Holland Rock-n-Roll Ranch Radio – 2010
“The Burst Brothers are Vintage guitar gurus.  They are the best when it comes to vintage guitars.”


TV and Film

Guitar Picks  -  HD Treasure TV  Canada -  Episode One

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